Express youself. You are a Walk of Art.

In most of my paintings, I portray scenes from my dreams and stories that I heard as a young child from my parents, who were passionate readers of tales and fairytales.
When I was younger, I used to paint over my favorite outfits to give them a fresh look.
Dreams colliding and becoming reality led to Kmura.
Kmura is the acceptance of your true self.
It s showing your colors in absence of fears. Being unique is what makes you, YOU.

What Kmura intends to do

  • I want Kmura to be a strong and outgoing community.
  • I learned we can do better together. So in my struggling moments I wished to build a place where talented and creative people can express themselves.
  • Kmura will shortly be presenting a specific list of details on how you can become a collaborator within the Kmura Community.